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Online Courses

You are taught by the same teachers, you follow the same curricula, you use the same books sent to you by courier free of charge, you write the same exams in real time, you are returned your writings electronically fully annotated and corrected by two correctors. You see your teachers and classmates in class, you are invited to a personal interview by the class leader, you address the board of each class when necessary.


Διαδικτυακά μαθήματα από το φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή, εικόνα 2.
  • You participate in scholarship competitions,
  • you ask for any additional help you need during a tailor-made class,
  • you have a personal advisor for the study program and the organization of your time,
  • you have a consultant for a personal meeting with information on schools and professions 
  • analytical revision programs three times a year with daily distribution of the materials


Διαδικτυακά μαθήματα από το φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • You can be examined orally in real time if you are going to take an oral exam.
  • You see a high-definition electronic panel on your screen.
  • You can see maps, images, videos, PowerPoint, texts, and supportive material appear on your screen.
  • The professor teaches with a stylus.
  • Two information seminars for schools and professions, a seminar on the organisation of time and studying programmes and a university schools admissions form completion seminar.
  • Your admission form will be tested in an individual interview with a career counsellor

Besides the parents

  • Parents, you can be informed personally by each teacher individually and, if necessary, by the class manager about the child's progress on a regular basis.
  • You can also be informed through our online platform.
  • You can request an emergency update if you consider it necessary.
  • You can attend all the seminars and events of the Roula Makri model educational organization with your child and attend the individual interview regarding the completion of the university schools admissions form.
  • All financial transactions with the Roula Makri Model Educational Organization are done electronically and via bank and credit card.