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Services to Our Students

The environment where the lessons are conducted is also important.

Our classes are designed in such a way as to create a pleasant learning environment for the students. They are painted in carefully selected colours that have a positive effect on their psychology.

They are clean, safe and equipped with the latest technology and individual seating arrangements, in accordance with the covid – 19 safety regulations.


The Roula Makri model educational organization was awarded in the nationwide competition for education "education leaders awards" with the following:

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Best Learning Experience Award

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Award for special educational needs

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Award for extroversion and cooperation with professional bodies and organizations.


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years of daily struggle in the classroom
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years consistent with our promises
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years of accumulated experience in the classroom
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years of renewal and adaptation
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years of innovation in education
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years during which 13,000 of our students were admitted to university
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years next to students and their parents


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years of use of the online platform Roula Makri
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years of experience in the digital classroom
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years pioneers in the application of e-learning

Pioneering Learning and Teaching systems

  • Collaborative teaching
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Learning type tests
  • Class manager to monitor student progress
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Cultivation of Skills

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Organizing time: It is done daily for our students

A seminar on time management and effective studying is organized in collaboration with our partner Stratos Stratakis.

The seminar is conducive to enabling our students to follow a specific process of setting priorities and objectives which is followed in order to encourage students and combat procrastination.

Our students learn how to study effectively, synthetically, in detail, how to study the theory to solve exercises and do revisions.


In the Roula Makri Model Educational Organization we support the whole process of daily study of elementary and high school students.

We follow a very well- designed daily studying schedule, leaving nothing to chance. Our specialized staff and calm learning environment ensure concentration, a prerequisite for the study of children.

Children organize their time and go to school with confidence and joy because they have their questions answered. Our teachers support the children throughout the studying procedure with the aim of completing next day's schoolwork. Parents receive daily updates on children's performance.

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Studying and not passive reading.

Days of study: the student studies and practices on Panhellenic Exams sample materials under teacher supervision. Revision presentations per class with the aim to fully grasp the materials, the cornerstone of in-depth understanding and learning.

Don't damage your relationship with your kids over studying.


Experiential seminars that maximize students' performance and improve their self-confidence
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Language and creative writing seminars
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Mathematical thinking seminars
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Philosophy seminars
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Essay-writing seminars

The Roula Makri Model Educational Organization, guided by its long experience and having clear knowledge of the requirements of modern examinations has adapted the way subjects are taught, the simulation exams topics as well as all its teaching methodology in order to help the student to decode the knowledge in each learning subject and not rely on the so-called parroting. Our study aids, our exam topics and our notes are adapted to the new type of examination subjects to cover student needs both for the in-school as well as the national examinations. This is very important, and it is not self-evident.