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English Lessons

  • Εικόνα του Big Ben, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • Εικόνα του πύργου Αιφελ, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • Εικόνα του Colloseum, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • Εικόνα της Barcelona,  φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.

In the 2017-2018 school year, an ambitious plan was launched. The expansion of our educational services in the foreign language sector and more particularly in the teaching of English for children, adolescents and adults. Our main concern is for the educational process to be delivered in an innovative way so that children will love the foreign language and understand that only by learning it can they claim a place in a multicultural society. Our weapons in achieving our new goal are the organizational skills, the seriousness, the professionalism and the immense love and respect we have for our work and for our students.

More specifically, we aim:

In the use of the communicative approach teaching method where the student learns to use the foreign language from the first grades of primary school. In other words, he becomes an active user of the language skills he is taught.

The communicative approach is combined with the experiential learning through various activities such as:

Use of interactive activities for junior classes (interactive notebook).

Experiential play and activities.

Task-based learning. Classroom work is organized as a sequence of different steps aimed at getting the student to use the foreign language to communicate a message based on events and instances from real life.

Also, next year we will implement the blended learning educational program which combines the traditional teaching method with a digital learning platform (online digital media).

Thank you very much for your trust and love over the years.

With honor,

Roula Makri

Φροντιστήριο αγγλικών Ρούλα Μακρή.


Our main goal is to offer our students the best possible educational program. Therefore, the educators we work with are graduates of universities in our country or abroad, with postgraduate studies and many years of experience in their field. Emphasis is placed on lifelong learning and that is why we offer our teaching staff seminars in the field of foreign language teaching by renowned professionals. At the same time, the head of the English department coordinates the assessment of the staff with the goal of individual improvement in relation to their personal goals.

Φροντιστήριο αγγλικών Ρούλα Μακρή, εικόνα 2.


The Roula Makri Model Educational Organization collaborates with Hello foreign language schools.


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