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TOEFL Tutoring

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the test that thousands of Universities and Colleges in the world request to assess the proficiency of prospective students in the use of English. TOEFL is requested by students whose mother tongue is not English and who are going to follow either undergraduate or postgraduate studies in English-speaking Universities. In addition to Universities in North America, Britain, Australia and Canada, many other Universities or Colleges abroad and in Greece, which use English as a language of instruction, also request TOEFL. The examination is exclusively computer-based.

In Greece, the new Internet Based Testing (TOEFL iBT) system is now in place. The test examines the student's ability to combine four skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) to complete an academic-level task.

The examinations are carried out 3 to 4 times a month. The candidate can see his score online 10 days after the test. The results last 2 years.

Section Time Limit Questions Tasks
Reading 60 - 80 minutes 36 - 56 questions Read 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.
Listening 60 -90 minutes 34 - 51 questions Listen to lectures, classroom discussions and sconversations, then answer questions.
Break 10 minutes  - -
Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks.
Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks Write essay responses based on reading and listenin tasks; support an opinion in writing.