These programs are designed to introduce students to automation and educational robotics. Through the group activity around the construction of a robotic model that interacts with the real world in real time, children are living an exciting and entertaining experience which they do not want to end! The activities encourage students to collaborate, build, solve problems and explore, while at the same time deepen STEM learning by developing 21st century skills. Each construction features "Artificial Intelligence" which is a product of the students' algorithmic thinking and is carried out through a digital program that they easily create themselves on the screen of a tablet. Interactive, creative learning is easier than ever as students can see their constructions in action, test and improve their problem-solving skills!

Λογότυπο stem, μαθήματα ρομποτικής από το φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.



I want to be an engineer

The program I want to be an engineer is designed for students in the first grades of elementary school and gives them the ability to transform themselves into young scientists. Upon enrolling the students in this educational program, they will receive a bag of building blocks necessary for their participation, which, following the completion of the program, they will be able to keep. It is an ideal program for understanding simple machines which is not taught in school.
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