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Our Certifications

The history of the Model Educational Organization Roula Makri begins in May 1995 when Mrs. Roula Makri founded her first school. She is now a leading provider of educational services at all levels of education, with particular emphasis on the admission of students to university departments. With a 25-year presence in the field of education, with many years of experience in humanitarian studies and for the last 15 years in positive sciences, as well as in English and with online courses that expand to all of Greece, the Organization continues its educational work focusing now on the individual needs of every student.

The collaboration of the Roula Makri Model Educational Organization with MicosoftHellas on online courses, has brought great results and now caters to a wide range of students from different corners of our country. The company is certified with ISOELOT 1433:2008 for its services and has been distinguished and certified by ACTA for the training of its teachers in soft skills.

The company has received important awards like EDUCATION LEADERS AWARDS 2019 (SILVER Award for Special Educational Needs), EDUCATION LEADERS AWARDS 2019 (SILVER award for collaboration with Educational Institutions and Organizations) that highlight its innovation and action. Ms. Roula Makri has also distinguished herself among women - business leaders (whoiswho) and has been awarded as a Philologist by the PAF (Panhellenic Association of Philologists) and is a distinguished teacher, in the subjects of Composition and Essay writing in particular.



English Language Certifications

  • Βράβευση φροντιστηρίου Ρούλα Μακρή ως εταιρίας υψηλής αξιοπιστίας 2021.
  • Λογότυπο TUV Austria, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • Εικόνα 1 education leaders awards, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • Εικόνα Aristotle Certification Training & Assessment, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.